Monthly Archives: February 2013

Almost Spring & Things Are Picking Up

We’ve had another nice month out here on Gate Guard duty. Things were just busy enough to keep us entertained, but not enough to wear us out. Of course, that’s about to change…more about that later.


Dad found a little protective grill for the gaping hole in the front of the truck.



That should help prevent any more rocks flying in there and breaking the transmission cooler.

The cows came up by us and grazed with the deer one night. Haven’t seen them since, guess they’re hiding on another part of the ranch.


Our friend Charlotte came over and watched our gate last Saturday, so we could go to San Antonio. We met Ann & Sue for lunch, then Mom went shopping at Whole Foods and stocked up the freezers. It was so good to see them again, but they didn’t bring their dog Callie. They brought us two tomato plants from the garden they started. Next trip to town we’ll get dirt and start a little garden here.


Yesterday I had to go the vet. I had a few mild seizures last week and Mom & Dad wanted to get me checked. Doctor said everything looks normal and since I haven’t had anymore for the last 4 days, she said to just keep an eye on me…they do that anyway ~ LOL! I was almost due for my rabies shot, so I had to get that while we were there.

We had horrible winds yesterday…25-35mph with 50+ gusts. It was pretty scary with the house shaking all day. Fortunately, we came through unscathed.

Today is a pretty sunny day, around 75 degrees. Mom & Dad worked on hauling rocks for a path to the bird feeder. Now that the weeds are starting to grow Mom wants a clear place to walk, where the snakes can’t hide. This is our back yard, we don’t go in there because you have to walk across the cattle guard to get to it.


Things are definitely picking up around here… we have a drill crew moving in tomorrow, so we’ll be busy for the next few weeks…It’s exciting though.

Did you see that gorgeous moon tonight??